working moms to do list

by Toni on October 28, 2009

working mom  working moms to do list

I don’t know how they do it! About half of my girlfriends are SAHMs and the other work their little butts off by day with their careers, and still manage to be amazing moms by night. Do they wear a Superwoman leotard  under their work clothes? I struggle with my everyday chores as it is. But, I know the majority have a hard time missing so much time with their kids, too. It can really be intimidating hearing about how working Supermoms make it through a day. I ran across this on Working Moms Blog and just had to share Maria’s list. Read then go out and get motivated.

At night when I crash into bed, I sometimes wonder, “What did I accomplish today?”  To answer this burning question, I kept a list of every single task I did for one day, in the hopes that I would find some comfort in what was achieved.  Here goes:

Have morning coffee and 15 minutes of purity before the house wakes up
Sneak in 20-minute workout
Snuggle with daughter
Give daughter the rundown of what the day holds for her
Play Super Girl and Super Mom (two superheros who defend the house from impending danger with a wooden spoon and whisk)
Protect house from pretend mosquito and monster
Rescue two imaginary friends from pretend burning building
Make breakfast and lunches
Get ready for work
Pick location for planting
Drive to work
Triage emails
Meet with co-worker regarding upcoming events
Eat breakfast
Attend database meeting
Research new learning management system
Participate on conference call
Drive to daughter’s school for pick up
Negotiate toddler meltdown

Reschedule play date
Eat lunch
Decide on stones for new walkway and porch stairs
Orchestrate naptime (not mine, unfortunately)
Draft training proposal
Make dinner
Eat dinner
Clean up kitchen
Attend pretend dance show
Prepare for bath time ritual
Snuggle, read, fall asleep (Courtney, not me)
Collapse into bed
Catch up on the day’s events on CNN.
Lights out

Now I know why I am so tired (and grateful) at the end of the day.

working mom  working moms to do list

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working mom  working moms to do list working mom  working moms to do list working mom  working moms to do list working mom  working moms to do list 

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