are you a spoiled mama?

by Shannon on February 16, 2010

reviews product review  are you a spoiled mama?

If not, it is time to join the club! The Spoiled Mama has created a line of healthy skincare focused specifically on the needs of women who are Pregnant, Breastfeeding, or Postpartum. Similar to the Happy Hour Mom motto that EVERY mama deserves a “Happy Hour” to take care of themselves, The Spoiled Mama believes that us moms deserve to be “Spoiled” every day with healthy skincare and beautifully packaged products. And they mean it. I was excited when we were contacted and asked to review the products, because rarely do we get to sample items specifically geared towards Mom. Quality is obviously a priority for the creators of the Spoiled Mama–”We guarantee that each item is made with Finest Organic and Fair Trade materials possible. All our products are formulated using a Superior Quality of Natural, Organic Ingredients free from Parabens, Phthalates, Synthetic Fragrances, Harsh Surfactants, Artificial Colors, and Petroleum Derivatives.” With no cruel testing, these products are good for mothers AND mother nature! I was impressed with the Spoiled Mama products from start to finish. The packaging alone made me feel special and excited to lather myself up (yes, I know, it is the little things in life that get us moms excited sometimes!) I actually saved the box to either use for something special, or to use as a gift box some day. (Lol, they could have just sent me the box and I would have been excited).

When they say don’t judge a book by its cover, they were not referring to the Spoiled Mama products. The products themselves are just as fabulous as the packaging. I have used the Sugar Scrub on several occasions and I can hardly explain how great it is. As stated on the Spoiled Mama website, all scrubs are a “Special Blend of Vitamin Packed Oils rich in Essential Fatty Acids to help prevent stretch marks…combined with Organic sugar, our scrubs can help increase blood flow to those stretch mark prone areas and will add moisture to your growing tummy- thus helping to prevent stretch marks!!” This is the description of the scrub itself, now let’s see if I can describe how it feels when you use it. To start, who can deny a good exfoliating scrub? From head to toe, as you apply the scrub, you can feel it exfoliating your skin and removing excess dry skin/blemishes. It quickly turns into a moisturizing, baby oil sort of texture as it then coats your skin (you know, when the water beads up as it rolls off your body…) and leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Not to mention the fact that it has a clean, sugar-sweet smell that is to die for. I can honestly say that it has been a long time since I got out of the shower feeling completely refreshed and pampered. When your shower is the closest thing you have to alone time (even with the little ones peeking in the entire time, asking you for something that just can’t wait), the Spoiled Mama Sugar scrub is a MUST.

Now even though the Sugar Scrub was obviously my fave, the other products were really just as great. The same great quality, mild yet sweet smells, and left me feeling beautiful. I particularly liked the Cocoa & Shea Tummy Butter that is said to help with the appearance of stretch marks. This is one of the product lines that I have sampled and will definitely be purchasing in the future. I am telling you mamas out there, you will LOVE being a Spoiled Mama.

reviews product review  are you a spoiled mama?

reviews product review  are you a spoiled mama?

reviews product review  are you a spoiled mama?


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reviews product review  are you a spoiled mama?

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reviews product review  are you a spoiled mama? reviews product review  are you a spoiled mama? reviews product review  are you a spoiled mama? reviews product review  are you a spoiled mama? 

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