new clues regarding SIDS

by Toni on February 3, 2010

safety  new clues regarding SIDS

Researchers discovered a new clue regarding the scary Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) that kills nearly 2,300 infants before they can celebrate their first birthday. Babies who suffer from this syndrome make low amounts of serotonin (message-carrying brain chemical) that is needed to sleep, breathe and regulate your heart rate.

The published the findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association are saying that abnormal levels of serotonin may hamper an infant’s breathing, especially in challenging situations, such as breathing in too much exhaled carbon dioxide while sleeping face down. Scary to recall back when we were young how many parents were told to always put the infant’s face-down! Throughout time the baby world has been notorious for new rule on care. Don’t eat deli meat is a rule my mother was so perplexed about, while giving a familiar line, “Well, I ate that and look, you are fine!” Tell me how many times you heard that throughout your nine months? My response was always, “Mom, if there is some study showing that it could harm my baby, why would I risk it?” But what I really wanted to say was, “The preggos in your day used to drink and smoke, should I be doing the same?”

“The findings suggest that some babies have an underlying vulnerability to SIDS, which can become fatal when combined with an external stress such as sleeping face down, especially when it occurs within the first year of life.” Everyday we are finding new ways to protect our loved ones, but it can still be so overwhelming when you are a new parent!

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safety  new clues regarding SIDS

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safety  new clues regarding SIDS safety  new clues regarding SIDS safety  new clues regarding SIDS safety  new clues regarding SIDS 

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