shocking confessions #148

by Toni on September 20, 2010

moms uncensored  shocking confessions #148

“Both my kids cut their hair off today in jaggedy, goofy lookin ways. quarter inch bangs all the rage this fall?”

“Today is a good mom day. The last 2 months there haven’t been a lot of these but I’m hoping that there will be more in the future.”

“I work from home part-time and care for my DS2.5, a good friend recently started saying (over and over again) “I don’t know how you do it..” and telling me stories of people who neglect their children at home because they’re doing something else. I keep feeling like I have to explain how I do it (to make clear that my kid is not neglected at all) and it’s starting to be annoying because it is every time we see each other (every Friday our kids play together).”

-www.truuconfessions.commoms uncensored  shocking confessions #148moms uncensored  shocking confessions #148

*please note that the “shocking confessions” series are not personal experiences of Shannon and Toni of These are anonymous confessions of moms being brutally honest so that we can all feel a little bit better about ourselves (and then we realize that we can each relate to half of them…)

moms uncensored  shocking confessions #148

Toni Danielson, ad agency working mom of a big brown-eyed little man, wife to an amazing husband, Digital Media Lover. Blogger. Infographic-obsessed. Expat. Happy Hour Mom. BBall Wife. Not all in that order. Join me in my journey to become the ultimate Happy Hour Mom!

moms uncensored  shocking confessions #148 moms uncensored  shocking confessions #148 moms uncensored  shocking confessions #148 moms uncensored  shocking confessions #148 

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