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by Shannon on April 12, 2012

Go green, eat organic, save the environment…these are all common words and phrases that have become hot topics and obsessive trends over the past decade. While I have always been supportive of these efforts and often eager to be a part of the positive initiatives, I have to admit that I have also been overwhelmed, unsure, and sometimes even unwilling (ugh, I know, I am such a bad person!) to commit to certain long-term changes. I am the type of person who likes consistency, and tries to avoid drastic changes when it comes to the day-to-day routines. I may change my zip code, or country code for that matter, every 6-9 months, but don’t even think about asking me to switch up my brand of shampoo, face wash or even laundry detergent. My motto is don’t fix it if it’s not broken, and I often worry that a new or different product might not live up to my expectations. So when recently asked to take part in a VIP Blogger partnership with SheSpeaks, Tide and P&G’s Future Friendly “Take a Load Off” campaign, I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I can say, is that I wish every single one of you could have come with me, because I know you would have been impacted in the same way I was, and overwhelmed with the fact that a little bit of knowledge and education can go a long way–even when you are talking about something as “simple” as a load of laundry! P&G is encouraging all U.S. residents to wash their laundry loads with cold water instead of warm or hot. This “Take a Load Off Campaign” is P&G’s effort to convert 70% of all wash loads to cold by 2020. They have partnered with Tide, who now offers Tide Coldwater to provide a deep clean when washing in cold water, in hopes of making a difference. Not only is this an attainable goal, it is a necessary one as well! By simply using Tide Coldwater and washing each load in cold water, you can make a huge impact in the amount of energy used, as well as the amount of money spent each month. I learned so much, and have already made the commitment to “going cold.”

Apart from the fact that I was provided with a car service and didn’t have to drive through the horrid So Cal traffic, and treated to a tasty lunch at Twist in the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, the team of representatives was incredible. First, there is with the beautiful  and impressively well-informed expecting momma, Vanessa Lachey who truly knocked my socks off. Let’s be honest, you never know what to expect with Celebrities, as you often wonder if they are truly passionate about the brands the are working with, but Ms. Lachey was a doll who clearly believes in the product and message she is backing. So hats off to Tide and P&G for working with a soon-to-be mom who practices what she preaches and looks good doing it! Accompanying her was the Tide R&D Representative, Jack English. This is where I wish every one of you could have been there. He was so informative and knowledgeable, that I was able to truly understand the significance of washing my clothes in cold water, and the value of using Tide Coldwater to make sure my clothes are still getting the most effective, deepest clean possible in cold water temperatures. Jack offered knowledge that you don’t hear on the commercials, or see on the product labels. He really explained the research and development that P&G implements to guarantee its products maintain the highest quality and effectiveness. Not only did they test Tide Coldwater with the tap water in their labs, but they took into account the water types geographically,  with geological testing to account for the different enzymes needed to effectively achieve that deep clean we all desire. I know it sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but let’s keep it simple–the Tide Research and Development team covered all bases to make sure our laundry is getting the deepest clean at the coldest of temperatures. Once we had a great understanding of the product, it came down to understanding WHY it is important to make a switch to cold water washing, and what it means for our wallets and the environment. Because, let’s be honest, as moms that’s what we REALLY want to know!

The amount of money and energy you can save by switching to cold water is astounding. Here are some mind-blowing facts provided by Tide and P&G:

If everyone in the U.S. washed in cold water, the energy saved:

• Could power the Empire State Building for 444 years.
• Is equivalent to the energy produced at the Hoover Dam for 4 years.
• Could power the streetlights of the “City that Never Sleeps” (New York) for 71 years.

If a household switched to cold water washing for a year, they would save enough energy to:
• Watch TV for 1,363 hours.
• Play Xbox 360 for 684 hours.
• Charge an iPhone 4S 30,861 times.
• Power an average new refrigerator for nearly 4 months.

The pledge is simple…Wash your clothes in cold water. All you need to do is change that dial before you start your load, and leave it there! Finish that detergent you have now (or push it aside and start now!), and switch to Tide Coldwater for your next purchase. Just think, you can also help preserve those colors and prevent shrinking of your favorite clothes! To join me and your fellow happy hour moms and take the pledge, head over to P&G’s Future Friendly page and pledge to “Take a Load Off” by switching to cold water. Plus, they are giving away some AWESOME prizes, including a new HE Washer and Dryer, and a year supply of Tide Coldwater! Here are some pictures of the event (notice the environmentally-friendly, refurbished shipping container with bamboo flooring that was used for the pop-up “Laundry Lounge”–no detail went unnoticed!)…


HappyHourMom received VIP perks during this event. All content and opinions are those of HHM.
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sponsored abode  one simple way to save money & energy, take a load off and start today! sponsored abode  one simple way to save money & energy, take a load off and start today! sponsored abode  one simple way to save money & energy, take a load off and start today! sponsored abode  one simple way to save money & energy, take a load off and start today! 

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