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by Shannon on May 29, 2012

I am a Starbucks junkie.

Not because the drinks are the best (they are)…

Not because they have free WiFi that makes for a perfect blogging happy hour (they do)…

Not because I have been to Starbucks in 6 different countries and they all make me feel like I am right at home (I have)…

But because they accomplish all of this, and still make time to get involved with and support the community. Just by visiting Starbucks.com you can see the many ways they not only get involved, but encourage others to get involved as well. From “The Power of an Hour” campaign, to setting goals and tracking community support efforts, to the Valentine’s Everylove campaign, Starbucks is all about you and me, and everyone in between. Here is a taste of this year’s Valentine’s effort:

Everylove is for all the relationships in your life worth celebrating. It appears differently to each of us, but we all recognize it the same…

-everylove stories

I had lunch with a girlfriend yesterday and we were talking about our husbands bringing us flowers. She made me smile when she shared that she would rather he surprised her with a Starbucks, instead of the flowers that will die a few days later anyway. Even though she loves the flowers, and the thought, she’d take a Starbucks surprise any day. It’s amazing how drink can get us moms through the busiest of days. The great thing is that you can find a Starbucks in nearly every city and country around the world (often times two to a corner), and 9 times out of ten you can put a smile on someone’s face by simply giving them a Starbucks card. They’ve made it even easier with the Starbucks eGift Card, so now you can share the love from across the globe. I don’t know what it is, but Starbucks has made this mommy one happy lady.

One venti, non-fat, peppermint white mocha, no whip please : ) What drink puts a smile on your face? Share in the comments below…

food drink  drink. love. smile. starbucks #everylove

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food drink  drink. love. smile. starbucks #everylove food drink  drink. love. smile. starbucks #everylove food drink  drink. love. smile. starbucks #everylove food drink  drink. love. smile. starbucks #everylove 

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