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tallinn, estonia | ignorance is not always bliss

January 28, 2011
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My family and I spent the last 4.5 months in Tallinn, Estonia and man has it been an adventure. While we had many wonderful experiences in Tallinn, the unforgettable journey has left a bit of a scar in our memory book. The country itself was absolutely beautiful, with a gorgeous, green Summer/Fall and a magical, [...]

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beautiful estonian jewelry collection | nard by jana einard

December 19, 2010

During our stay in Tallinn Estonia, one of my goals is to find amazing local products and designers. We recently attended a craft fair in hopes of finding some great Estonian gifts to take home to our friends and family, when I stumbled across this incredible Estonian Jewelry collection. With 10-20 jewelry booths scattered amongst [...]

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first public christmas tree 1441 | christmas in tallinn, estonia

December 5, 2010

While the tradition of decorating Christmas Trees dates bake to the early 16th century in Germany, it is said that the first publicly displayed Christmas Tree dates back to 1441 in Tallinn, Estonia. Now if that’s not enough to get us in the holiday spirit, I don’t know what is. My family and I are [...]

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